Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thinking positive

Evening all.

The reports are done HOORAY!

And I am off work for a fortnight to sort myself out and adjust to my medication. Not sure how long that will take, but I have started taking it so fingers crossed.
Got through today, it was easier than I expected, but then I haven't left the house all day. No seeing happy families for me. We are a happy family as the three of us, so let's look for the positive.

Tomorrow I am dropping the girls at Debbie's, and then I am off to the gym. If I don't get started on the fitness routine, Linzi, my fitness instructor, will shout at me! I do need to shape up, and my GP has reccomended exercise as it releases endorphins which will make me feel better. Plus I want rid of my bingo wings....

That's about it for now. A demain.

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Gail said...

Anna - congratulations on losing 7 stone. You're amazing.