Sunday, June 10, 2007

Father's Day....

I am in need of a sleeping pill to go to sleep on Saturday night and wake up on Monday. This year I would like father's day to pass us by. It's not that I want to deny that Nigel was ever here, I just feel so desperately sad that on Father's Day my two beautiful girls will be without their daddy. Having spent today with other members of WAY, the harsh reality that all those children face next weekend is too much. I am glad that facing Father's Day is ten months down the line for us. It must be horrific for those who are in the early days. Sophie's class don't make father's day cards as there are too many children in school who don't have contact with their dads. But in nursery, they do make cards, so I have asked that Alex makes one for my dad, addressed to Grampy.
Nothing really to report now. The loft is nearly decorated, and the carpet is being fitted on Tuesday. Then we wait for the furniture for mum and dad's room. Move the pull up bed to the other room and start sorting through the boxes of crap which control my house. ARGH.


Georgina said...

Actually, there's two things I like to know at report time. What is my son's biggest strength (mainly so I can latch on to something concrete that he recognises and praise him to high heavens for when I open the report - some of the phrases can be too vague and in school speak for a child to understand what they're being praised for.

The second thing I want to know if there's anything that could use some work that I might have a chance to do some out of school work with him over the holidays. For example, I already know that my son's weakness is in handwriting. If there was a line about "X needs to work on getting his b's and d's the right way around" (or similar) then I could do the occasional ten minute session through the summer holiday and hopefully improve that for the teacher before term starts again.

Does that make sense?

lottie said...

i think fathers day is going to be hard no matter what. This year it's a day to chat to the girls about the fun things and times you all had with Nigel.

I read the girls reports with a magnifying glass lol so they are most defintaly worth doing from this parents perspective!!

joanna said...

Anna, I don't know you at all, just clicked on a link to your blog from UKS. Your post has touched me, and I just wanted to leave a comment rather than lurk, and send a big {{{hug}}} to you and your girls, and to you, the strength to make it through the weekend. Will be thinking of you xx