Saturday, June 16, 2007


Meant to photograph them but I forgot! Today I received some flowers, beautiful flowers in fact, from some of the other reception mums at Sophie's school. They were to say congratulations on getting to my target weight. How lovely, I was over the moon to get them!

I have also been to the gym today which I enjoyed (madness I know) and then for tea I had a rather tasty fresh tuna steak. Went down very nicely. Just need to decide what to have tomorrow as I went to Tesco and got some smoked salmon and mackerel, some rocket salad, and another piece of tuna. As the tuna is fresh and the others are sealed, I think tomorrow will be a tuna nicoise salad (of a fashion). Plus a cup of tea with milk in. Blimey, how exciting, a cup of tea with milk in it!

Tomorrow it is father's day. A day I would rather forget for now. Not the person who should be celebrating it with us, but just the fact that other fathers are still here and Nigel isn't.

If you are celebrating, have a great day, and raise your glass to dads who aren't with us this year.

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