Friday, June 22, 2007

Felt like a change... here's my new layout.

Not sure why really, just did. Another busy day, gym this morning and then gymnastics for Alex at lunchtime. Then this afternoon I nipped to Ikea once mum and dad had arrived to look at some storage cupboards. Didn't buy yet though.

At tea time I finished off three paint cans I am giving to Sophie's teacher and TAs. I will photograph them in better light tomorrow. Just need some suggestions for what to put in them!

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Just a snap of my lovely Sophie. She is getting very tired now, ready for the summer holidays in a few weeks. She has had a fantastic year in Reception with 3 great members of staff. I worried so much about her starting school, but she has been so well adjusted and settled. The odd 'moment', but nothing major really. I just hope year one is as successful!

Edited to add:
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Just had to stick this in....we are off to see a preview of Shrek the Third on Sunday afternoon. Alex is the BIGGEST Shrek fan, and this will be her first ever visit to the cinema. She is going to love it!

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